Naturally Polled Possesses arguably the strongest poll gene of all breeds. Red Poll bulls will produce 95 -100 percent polls when crossed with other breeds. This, including its quit temperament reduces stress and carcase bruising in handling and marketing ensuring tender, high quality beef.
Dual purpose - Beef and Dairying traits and Medium Sized Perhaps, arguably, the only real dual purpose breed in South Africa. This, along with their foraging ability and feed efficiency making them an economic unit to run and a viable in most environments. It includes being a veldt adaptable breed to farm with in extensive and relative arid areas - the medium size lends flexible. Whilst they are more than competitive beef producers they can be milked and when crossed with non-Red Poll cows, the first offspring will almost always produce more milk than their mothers.
Fertility & Longevity They rate in the top echelon fertile breeds as reported by the Agricultural Research Council. Many Red Poll cows breed well past 10 years of age, reducing the need for high replacement numbers.
Temperament & Mothering Ability The vealer machine! Red Poll cows have great mothering ability and quality high milk production to maximise calf growth. They regularly appear amongst the top weaner weight breeds in the South African Research Council reports - making them indeed one of the most competitive beef breeds whilst still maintaining their dual purpose ability and status. In carcase competitions in Australia, where regularly measured, Red Polls have distinguished themselves in displaying exceptional and superior dressing percentages and yields of saleable beef.
Coat Colour Solid dark red coated with good eye and udder pigmentation, which avoids sunburn and minimises eye problems. It will produce 80-95 percent reds when crossed with other breeds and will produce a uniform herd from any mixed lot of cows. The pigmentation virtually eliminates eye cancer when crossed with the white face breeds.